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Pilates, pioneered by the late Joseph Pilates (1880-1967), is a unique mind-body exercise system that develops body awareness and stretches, strengthens and streamlines the muscles to create a firm, toned, flexible and balanced body.

Jess Bagnall Pilates offers a library of online pilates classes. From the inspiring Yorkshire Dales in the North of England, Jess Bagnall Pilates provides effective and enjoyable matwork and apparatus tuition for everybody.

Jess Bagnall Pilates takes comprehensive, contemporary pilates education, adds experience from 20 years in the world of sport and fitness and gives you easy to follow classes in a fun and friendly way.

Improve Your Core Stability

Pilates can increase whole body strength, improve balance and posture, increase flexibility and core stability.

Balance Muscular Strength

Pilates helps with balancing deep muscular strength around every joint in your body.

Enhance Your Confidence

Pilates helps develop self confidence by improving your physical and mental wellbeing through flowing movement.

When you join, you get

  • Access to All Pilates Videos

    Videos are clearly categorised into three levels: Wellbeing, Active Lifestyle and Athletic so you can choose the workouts you enjoy. Videos are between 5 and 60minutes in duration. Some use simple props such as a band, others use pilates apparatus and many require just your body. As a member you will always have access to all videos.

  • Free 14-Day Trial Upon Signup

    You are welcome to try the videos for 14 days with no obligation to continue. Simply enjoy viewing the videos for a couple of weeks and I hope you come across many that you enjoy!

  • New Videos Added Regularly

    Each month several new videos are added to the site for you to take part in. Subscribe to the newsletter to hear about the latest workouts as they appear.

Give it a try!

The pilates repertoire consists of more than 500 systematic, mind-body exercises that can be performed on a mat or on specialised equipment, such as the reformer.

Online Classes to Take

We offer a multitude of fun and motivating classes that allow you to work out alone or with friends

Subscription Plans

The Studio – Home of Yorkshire Dales Pilates

Pilates Classes

We offer a range of classes and private lessons for all fitness levels, from post-rehabilitation to athletic performance

Instruction for all levels

Yorkshire Dales Pilates provides effective and enjoyable apparatus and matwork pilates instruction for men and women of all ages and all levels of fitness

Yorkshire dales studio

Our studio is located in Ingleton, North Yorkshire, a short drive from Kirkby Lonsdale, Settle and outlying villages

Client Testimonials

Really enjoying having you in my house to guide me through my pilates. I’ve dibbed in and out over the hols but got into a routine over the last couple of weeks. I think there’s signs in the mirror its starting to make a difference! Just wanted to say its brilliant being able to do it like this when work/husband/children/time doesn’t help to go to a class. Thank you!


Just read your blog and you inspire me! I love it when you explain about the different muscles and shapes to achieve. I appreciate your love of the subject and how careful you are with your clients health and wellbeing. Fab class again today!


I began pilates with Jess about 2 years ago, not really thinking it would be for me. I haven’t missed a course since. Jess makes the sessions suitable for everyone, challenges you but ensures you are safe and work within your own limits. There’s a real focus on you as an individual and she makes it OK if you find something difficult with support and encouragment.


The classes are small which means everyone gets individual attention and can have exercises modified to suit their personal needs.
Jess makes sure she takes to find out what class members individual needs are and to help them on a one-to-one basis.
The studio is very well equipped with all the props needed to help with the exercises.


Jess makes the sessions fun and informative and will always find a way for you to do the exercises whether it’s an easier or harder option! Jess gets to know our individual bodies and encourages you through the sessions with her professional, knowledgeable, can do and fun attitude. I’d encourage anyone to give pilates a go, especially with Jess at the helm.


The classes are educational, entertaining and extremely worthwhile. Jess is an excellent teacher who constantly individualises the exercises to the point where I feel pampered and on a one to one basis. I have certainly benefited from pilates as I am now able to complete daily tasks without hesitation.


Thank you for sharing your inspiring ideas in your Pilates Philosophy blog. It made me smile and has encouraged me to aim high.